AydosEt, in addition to its main activity of meat production, also has activities in relevant sectors under different company names. AydosEt Company realizes the service of sacrificial livestock selling and slaughtering every year under name of kurbanci.com. Besides, it offers service in the butcher’s shop management sector with its 2 branches in Sefaköy and Bayrampaşa under name of TaşKasap.


Taş Kasap was established in 2012 with boutique and quality service understanding of Aydos Et for purpose of maintaining the butcher’s shop culture that is about to be forgotten with prevalence of markets and is a part of our shopping tradition. TaşKasap aims to be a brand that establishes a close relation with its customers based on mutual trust, has a hygiene, presentation and quality understanding of our age desired at butcher’s shops and is above the standards demanded by legal legislations. At present, TaşKasap brand offers service through its Sefaköy, BayrampaşaveKocamustafapaşa branches.



Kurbanci, commenced its activity in 2010 as a subsidiary of AydosEt for purpose of offering service to charitable foundations and persons who have a problem in fulfillment of their sacrificial worship because of the difficulties arising from city life. Kurbanci is a platform from which customers can get service from the branches and via internet site during the Sacrifice Feast period. The principles such as consumer health, hygiene and reliability are prioritized and health and hygiene elements of the livestock to be slaughtered are controlled carefully. The veterinary controls are made with great care while the animals are alive and during slaughtering phase.

It offers service continuously through its branches above 20 in all around Istanbul via its internet site during the Sacrifice Feast

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