AydosEt commenced its activities in 1997 through its branches in Konya Ereğli, Kastamonu, Balıkesirand Kayseri with its head office in İstanbul to procure meat production that has an important place in our country and is necessary for balanced nutrition of our society, in conformity to the European standards, under hygienic conditions and by using the newest technology.

The company continued its sale activities in Zeytinburnu Telsiz quarter in 2002 in order to be able to render better service to its customers under a betterenvironment.

In 2005, we established working conditions according to the European Union conditions and at our sale point in Zeytinburnu Demirciler Site we constructed by using the state-of-the-art technology in conformity to the GMP and hygiene conditions, we continued our activities until 2013 by undertaking the leading company mission in the market. Since then, we render service at our modern plant in Esenyurt.

AydosEt has actively participated in the National Red Meat Council and İstanbul Commercial Exchange Assembly and aimed to make contribution in solution of sectoral problems.

AydosEt, in addition to meat production, makes meat and livestock importation, restaurant management, butcher’s shop management and sells sacrificial livestock.
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